Assessment Center

Conrath Consulting & Coaching can provide you with a tailor-made assessment centre experience. An assessment center can be created to replicate the demands of the job and to predict candidate’s behavior in a future job environment. Clients have found this useful to complement more direct headhunting recruitment strategies.

The goal of the Assessment Center

  • Assessment centers are systematic evaluation procedures that provide objective evaluation of performance, personality, attitude and behaviour of employees or applicants.
  • We will create a specific selection of simulations and tests that reflect the requirements of a future position and may be used as a basis for succession planning.
  • We measure the candidates’ ratings in core dimensions related to success in a specific position, a planned career development or your unique company culture. A summary report provides detailed information about management and/ or sales skills, organisational talent, social skills and attitudes.
  • Assessment centers are able to objectively duplicate the core situations in the job, using a variety of methods, and different observers. The scope of this experience can be clearly organized to optimize the financial investment.

Operational Applications of Assessment Centers

  • AC for personnel recruitment: evaluation and selection of managers, specialists and future managers. This can include all kinds of candidates whether they applied on their own initiative, or in response to an advertisement, a recommendation or a headhunting contact.
  • AC for personnel development: evaluation of managers, specialists or teams and their potential for different career paths or performance development. These evaluations may include proposals and action plans for personnel development.
  • AC for groups or individuals: evaluation and selection of individuals or employee groups.
  • AC for potential analysis: analysis of the core skills and experience of candidates for various future positions.

Assessment centres are often an instrument in change and personnel development processes.