​Marketing and Sales Management

In order to complement recruitment, international sales and marketing experts help European companies to expand their international business and international companies to enter the German and European markets.

We provide customers with marketing & sales consulting, training and an interim operational service. Interim sales and marketing services are available as direct operational support until the new manager is recruited. Strategic marketing & sales training and preparation are also available on a short or long term consulting basis.

This includes:

Corporate consulting and a comprehensive workshop program for international sales and marketing management

  • ŸImplement local, pan-European and global sales & marketing structures and organisations
  • ŸStrategic marketing management
  • ŸLocal and international integrated marketing planning
  • ŸIntegrated sales management (leading sales, management resources, coaching the team)
  • ŸEfficient and effective selling
  • ŸComplex strategic selling
  • ŸOperational marketing management and effective communication
  • ŸRun a marketing audit
  • ŸPerform marketing goal setting
  • ŸMarket-led company culture and customer value focus
  • ŸPerform integrated marketing planning
  • ŸDevelop integrative marketing campaigns

Operational and interim marketing and sales support

  • ŸMarket segmentation, positioning, define the customer value chain and appropriate value propositions
  • ŸDevelop corporate identity and implement corporate and product communication:
  • ŸProduct management and planning
  • ŸBrand development and steering, product launch
  • ŸEvaluate the success of running marketing projects
  • ŸTraining of sales representatives on-the-job

Change processes for high performance marketing and sales teams are further supported by potential analysis processes and personnel development as well as executive recruitment services.