Succession Planning

Conrath Consulting & Coaching focuses on succession planning for company owners and founders. Succession planning can also be a focus of regular personnel development and recruitment processes in a company.

Succession planning for company owners or founders is a very personal process in which a suitable successor must be carefully evaluated and responsibility must be gradually delegated. We evaluate, recruit and select a successor, who will meet your company’s needs. Then we support the integration of this successor into your established company structures.
Furthermore the company owner, who is leaving, is supported to experience a transparent and respectful separation process.

Conrath Consulting & Coaching can facilitate succession planning for:

  • The general manager of a traditional family owned company who wants to transfer the company to the next generation
  • The owner of a family owned company who wants to retire and sell the company
  • A founder of a young company who leaves after his idea has been successfully commercialized or the company has been sold
  • A founder who wants to transfer the management responsibility of his company to an external general manager and retire

The succession planning process usually includes the following steps:

  • Evaluating the company’s capital value and predicted earnings
  • Recruiting and selecting candidates for the position of the successor
  • Individual coaching of the successor into the new position, together with support to carefully adjust structures to new market needs
  • Complementing the separation process with coaching focussed on the company’s new orientation (Link to page: Business Coaching)
  • Consulting in law and tax law issues by qualified associates