Executive Search, Recruitment And Selection

In line with your recruitment strategy, Conrath Consulting & Coaching specializes in providing an external Executive Search for managers and hard to find specialists at all hierarchy levels. This may vary from filling first level management positions and the temporary appointment of managers or specialists up to the recruitment of whole business units. We facilitate your international company growth.

We use the following personnel recruitment tools:

These are some questions we can help you to answer: 

Where do you plan your organization (a department, a unit) to be in 3-5 years?
How will you assist your employees to become successful?
Do you already have the human potential in your company or do you need to “buy” from outside?
Do you need managers or hard to find specialists?
Do you know where to get them from?
What can you do to recruit managers and specialists?
Talk to us about your tailor made recruitment strategy!
These are some companies we have been recruiting for: References