Business Coaching

In today’s business world nothing is as constant as change. Organizations and procedures become ever more complex and challenging. This requires maximal occupational and private flexibility and mobility. People look for more support to cope with the effects of this development on their personal and family life.

Company Owner, manager, freelancer, specialist,… you have the freedom to decide whether to let yourself be confused by complexity and change or to take actively part in a change processes and influence the direction of change.
Business Coaching by Conrath Consulting and Coaching meets the needs of people in a change process:

  • Tasks and responsibilities in your job have changed because the company or business unit was restructured. Now you and your managers are in a new position and you have to reorient quickly. Coaching can widen your view and motivate you to make the best decisions.
  • Your career development appears to have stopped and there seems to be no interesting future positions in your current company. You need to define and realize new goals to find a new position. You are looking for a partner to discuss this with and accompany you on the journey.
  • You want to develop your potential and talents, widen your view and enhance your quality of life and personal freedom.
  • You need a professional reorientation after having lost your job. You want support in finding a new position or starting your own business.
  • You intend to improve your self-marketing and elaborate your USP (unique selling proposition).
  • You need to recover and regain your strength and resources to prevent burnout and enhance your work-life-balance
  • You want to become more diplomatic and powerful in conflict situations and to learn how to achieve win-win outcomes.
  • You want to retire and place your company in the successful hands of a new manager/ owner, or you need somebody to accompany your plans for succession and retirement - Succession Planning.

With Conrath Consulting & Coaching, Felizitas Conrath and the members of her team you can rely on broad academic knowledge and many years of management, consulting, coaching and training experiences. In Business Coaching this brings forth a specific portfolio of services:

  • New Positioning / Placement - This services is based on of over 15 years Personnel Recruitment experience and Direct Approach activities in international companies of different culture and size.
  • Personal Coaching - An academic psychological background, and on-going personal education as well as many years of practice in coaching, training and awareness techniques, support you to gain full personal presence and unfold your individual potential.
  • Individual Transition Coaching - Embedded in an international network of trainers and intercultural experts and on the basis of a management based intercultural profiler (TiP) Conrath Consulting & Coaching helps you to optimize your positioning in international tasks and prepares you for international leadership responsibility and relocation.