Executive Search

Conrath Consulting & Coaching will plan with you, your recruitment strategy and manage the assessment and selection of managers and hard to find specialists at all hierarchy levels. 

We use the following recruitment tools:

Executive Search/ Direct Contact

  • Selection and agreement upon „target companies“ in which individuals will be approached directly with a position description
  • Approach suitable candidates and inform them of the vacant position
  • Conduct personal interviews with assessment tools, to provide confidential candidate reports
  • Follow up additional reference checks after a candidate’s approval
  • Present a selection of suitable candidates for the customer; following negotiation around the core prerequisites

Advertising and Internet Recruitment

  • Write focussed personnel advertisements for the customer to attract the target applicant group
  • Select the right media mix for the advertisement
  • Assess and select candidates in personal interviews and with additional assessment tools, and provide confidential candidate reports
  • Present the best candidates at the customers’ site

Conrath Consulting & Coaching can work with you on a daily basis for larger applicant groups, and can offer a group Assessment Center experience.
Let’s talk about your tailor made recruitment strategy!

These are some companies we have been recruiting for: References