Burnout Prevention

Changing structures in society and leadership strategies in companies, staff reductions and increasing demands in availability, personal flexibility and mobility are taking management- and staff personnel to the edge of their stress bearing capacity. In these situations, psychosomatic symptoms/ anxieties and depressions can develop until they find out, they are approaching a burnout situation. This often leads to a feeling of loss of self-esteem, as illness and weakness does not fit the picture for the self-portrait of successful and flawless functioning. Worries about job-loss, being downgraded in the company are too often realistic concerns. To whom this is happening to are often just the most dedicated who demonstrated the utmost identification with their job. 


We know from burnout research, there are clear indications for the initiation of burnout. We conduct a first check and are taking stock with you. Sometimes it will become necessary that you receive a medical check-up and if necessary submit to medical supervision. Therefore we work closely with doctors in burnout work.

Identifying Energy Thieves

Before the symptoms of burnout fully develop, you can pull the emergency stop. Our organism is an open system. In its basic state it is flowing, we use up energy but always replenish energy from the outside. Only when this balance gets into a permanent state of imbalance, it is when burnout develops step by step. In years of work in coaching of managers we have identified patterns in five central areas how we rob ourselves of energy or deprive ourselves from the access to energy supplying resources. Together with you, we will identify your individual burnout pattern according to a 5-point program.

Inducing sustainable Changes

At Conrath Consulting & Coaching, burnout coaching is not limited to the level of practical advice to bring about behavioral changes. After having established your individual burnout pattern we will research possibilities with you, step by step how you can create an independence from energy-robbing patterns. In doing so, we revert to insights of psychology and accompany you along with them to obtain a stronger hold on energy providing resources. We shall also introduce you to the practice of regular mindfulness.

The burnout coaching will be personally conducted by Felizitas Conrath. Her 20 years of experience in and with enterprises in human resources work, an academic background as psychologist, 10 years of freelance coaching and regular further development training and supervision are a warrant for the necessary depth and sustainability for your personal development process.

In addition, we would be pleased to also support you in your professional new positioning.