Outplacement is often a difficult process for all participants. It is important to execute this process with a maximum of mutual respect, when companies are required to lay off employees.

Advantages of professional support in the outplacement process include:

  • Cooperation in the separation process, to achieve agreement instead of litigation.
  • Starting the separation process as early as possible to prevent long periods of unemployment for staff. The average time until new placement is 7 months after starting the outplacement coaching and consulting process.
  • Maintaining the motivation of your employees and the positive image of your company through demonstrating social responsibility. 

Outplacement consulting and coaching for companies regularly includes the following steps:

  • Elaborating a separation concept for fair dismissal of personnel in cooperation with all key stakeholders, supervisory and personnel managers.
  • Conducting separation workshops for supervisory and personnel managers to prepare employees.

Our outplacement service offers two different alternatives to meet the specific needs of your company :