Personnel Management

Conrath Consulting & Coaching specialises in facilitating change processes for middle sized companies. We have been working with many small or middle sized companies that expand or merge to build up their international business. In these processes companies often reach a size where a new management level has to be hired and more standardized processes have to be put in place.

We have developed a three step change program that adopts change management tools from large companies and individualizes them for middle sized companies.

Step One: Review and analyse existing personnel resources

  • Plan and define the necessary personnel profiles
  • Assess and analyse individuals and teams using structured interviews, psychometric testing, preference analysis or tailor-made assessment centres
  • Identify staff with management and specialist expertise and potential

Step Two: Hire and orient additional personnel

  • Create position profiles for additional staff based on previous review and analysis
  • Recruit and hire required personnel
  • Restructure and form new teams to integrate new staff
  • Provide outplacement support when required

Step Three: Develop management and personnel resources

  • Train and coach management staff in how to design, lead and manage change processes
  • Plan personnel development options and career paths for all staff
  • Perform regular staff performance appraisal interviews
  • Provide management and staff coaching
  • Develop lifelong learning around key / core skills
  • Train and develop specific talents e.g. in development centres
  • Form and develop teams
  • Introduce staff support programs to enhance company satisfaction and commitment

In addition we provide our customer companies with marketing and sales development tools and interim management services