Transition Coaching

Today’s business is highly influenced by internationalization, restructuring or merger processes of different international companies. To be successful there needs to be developed a specific company culture and a mind-set that helps the employees to face cultural differences and the challenges in new international markets.

Typical incidents that motivate companies to support an employee in this process are

  • Relocation
  • Repatriation
  • International task
  • International leadership responsibility

Scientific research has identified different fields of competencies that are related to the degree of successfulness when working in an intercultural / international environment

  • Pull Competences (such as Openness and Flexibility)
  • Push Competences (such as Personal Autonomy and Emotional Strength)
  • Communication Competences (such as Perceptiveness, Listening Orientation and Transparency)
  • Cultural Knowledge Competences
  • Leading Across Cultures Competences (such as Influencing and Synergy)

Added Value with the Individual Transition Coaching of Conrath Consulting & Coaching

  • Identify individual gaps: What does a person need in his current or future job to be more effective in an international context?
  • Close individual gaps: What can a person do to develop the competencies needed for his current or future job?
  • Understand organizational implications: How may a company assess the gaps between current and desired skills for a target group of individuals?

The process of the Individual Transition Coaching includes

  1. Link to individual questionnaire send to you by our TIP-licensed Coach (TIP-International Profiler by worldWork)
  2. Individual feedback session to understand personal readiness for current and/ or future international tasks outlined in the TIP-report
  3. Personal development plan referring to the tasks of a potential job
  4. Follow up and individual support in a development process

We also offer to codevelop your company’s specific international success profile with you. In this process we analyse the competences of you most successful international managers and help you to identify your highest potentials. We assist you in implementing a mentoring program for developing the competencies that are needed for employees and newly to hire international managers and specialists due to new international challenges.