New Positioning / Placement

If you are struck by changes in the economy or in the labour market, and you are actively looking for a professional change we support you in identifying and developing your professional and individual potential.

You may be seeking work, or you are on your way to start your own business, you may want to find out more about alternative job scenarios and your resources for this. We assist you in extracting the most challenging and helpful experiences from your career history to define an appropriate job environment for the future. We make contact to potential new employers or customers.

Our experience in personnel recruitment have made us specialists in the field and we are dedicated to make the process as effective as possible and with the best results. You will receive the appreciation you deserve.

The five modules for New Positioning

  1. Individual positioning / profiling:
    We discuss your current job and personal situation on the basis of your curriculum vitae. Further we elaborate your individual profile of motivation, preferences and competences. In addition you can receive your personal report from different established profilers for potential analysis. We design your unique selling proposition (USP).
  2. Job scenarios / strategic market positioning:
    Together with you we develop alternative job scenarios. If you want to start your own business, we look at your individual offer / contribution for different markets.
  3. Self marketing:
    On the basis of your USP and strategic positioning we provide you with a revision and optimization of your documents for self marketing such as your CV and cover letters to different employer/ customer groups.
  4. Company contacts / placement:
    We make company contacts to potential employers /customers accessible to you.
  5. Supervision:
    During the whole positioning process and afterwards you may profit from our coaching know-how. Whether you want to work on your self-presentation, self-esteem, solve reoccurring job conflicts, adjust your work-life-balance, or other issues, we help you with Personal Coaching.

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